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Birmingham Office Furniture Solutions

Industry Furniture are one of the leading partners for office furniture in Birmingham. Best known for its hand in the Industrial Revolution, producing a series of innovations that laid many of the foundations for the modern industrial society, Birmingham today is recognised as a leading European business destination, and one of the UK’s most modern cities.

If you’re a Birmingham business looking to replace your old office chairs or office desks, or are looking to move your business to this large West Midlands city, and need a whole new selection of Modern Office Chairs, Contemporary Office Desks, Useful Storage and more, Industry Furniture are here to meet your Birmingham office furnishing needs.

High Quality, Low Prices

Office furniture doesn’t always have to break the bank, and cheap office furniture in Birmingham  doesn’t always mean low quality. We have direct relationships with some of the UK’s largest manufacturers to ensure you’re getting the best price. Furthermore, our new-age logistical approach means we can charge less than other Birmingham office furniture suppliers for the exact same chairs, desks, storage etc.

Staying in-line With Regulations

We can also offer a consultation to ensure your new workspace will comply with UK Workplace Regulation Safety guidelines, keeping you above board and your employees happy.

We’ll Handle The Heavy Lifting

No-one enjoys the daunting task of having to assemble furniture. We offer Birmingham-based assembly services so that you can focus on your important work. Our assembly staff will not only assemble your office furniture quickly so you can get up and running, but they’ll also do it whilst producing minimal noise, as to not disrupt your workflow.

To receive a tailored, discounted quote for your Birmingham office furniture, contact us directly