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Office Interior Design

As well as supplying a range of quality office furniture. Industry Furniture also offer CAD office interior design services, allowing you to visualise the layout and design of your perfect office. The comprehensive plan will pinpoint where each chair, desk or any other piece of office furniture will be placed.

We take your business into consideration when determining the best possible layout for your office furniture. An efficient working environment is conducive to an efficient business, correct implementation of space planning and design could transform the way your business runs. Not only will an efficient office layout make the most of your costly real estate, it will also boost productivity through the use of ergonomic space planning.

Office Space Planning

Our specialists will advise on the best office layout design, whether that be making the most out of your current working space, or advising on a new office move. Our specialists can work with spaces of any size, be it whole buildings with multiple floors, a small office layout or single room. We will also ensure that any space we design will abide by UK working regulations to keep you above board, and your employees happy.

We can also tailor our office interior designs to work within your budget, and put an emphasis on cost effectiveness.

Brand Identity

Not only will a fresh office layout design make the most of your space and improve productivity, it will also reinforce your brand values, to both your employees, clients and prospects, giving you the competitive edge.